Bargaining Committee

Chaired by the Local’s Negotiator, this committee prepares and collates surveys on local bargaining issues and participates in local negotiations.

Budget Committee

Chaired by the Local’s Treasurer, this committee develops, reviews and monitors the Local’s annual budget. Investigate and make suggestions for the fiscal management of the Local and the Local’s assets.

Community Awareness Committee

Identifies and organizes activities in which members of AFT Local 2373 will participate to bring awareness to the community about the positive work of this organization. Encompasses human rights.

COPE/Legislative Action Committee

Committee on Political Education; raises money for political action and keeps members informed on political matters; lobbies legislature on matters affecting our interests; recommends specific action by membership.

Elections Committee

Conducts all referenda and all AFT Local 2373 elections.

Conflict Resolution / Grievance Committee

Responsible for enforcing the contract through processing of grievances. 

Membership Committee

Contacts new employees in the unit with information about the AFT; recruits new and continuing employees as FORCE members.

Professional Staff Committee

Coordinates all matters of working conditions or other contractual concerns for the Professional Staff. (Chair is elected by Professional Staff.)

Scholarship Committee

Selects the Gary Hunter Excellence in Mentoring Award recipient.

Adjunct Faculty Affairs (Ad Hoc Committee)

Coordinates all matters of working conditions or other contractual concerns for Adjunct Faculty.

Constitution Review (Ad Hoc Committee)

Reviews F.O.R.C.E. Constitution and makes recommendations for revisions, updates, modifications and compliance.

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